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The most effective way to Communicate for Better Automotive Service

Today’s cars are equipped with digital dashboards, oxygen sensors, electronic computers, unibody construction, and more. They run better, longer, and more efficiently than models of the past. But when it comes to repairs, some things stay the same. Whatever type of repair facility you patronize–dealership, service station, independent garage, specialty shop, or a national franchise–good communication between… Read more »

Is Your Car Ready for the Summer Heat?

Summer is in full swing and we’d like you to take a few minutes to make sure your vehicle is in shape to take on those hot summer temps. Check the Radiator                                              … Read more »

Safer Highway Driving- The 3 Second Rule

We all look forward to those summer road trips. Here is a tip to make them safer. The 3 Second Rule Following another car too closely is a common mistake made by many drivers. The three-second rule for following distance is still a good guideline for safe highway driving. How to keep a safe following distance Watch the… Read more »

What To Do At The Scene Of An Accident

Accidents can happen to anyone, and these days we have a lot of distractions that make them even more common. It is good to be prepared by knowing what to do at the scene of an accident. Remember to stay calm & courteous. You’ll need to make sure you aren’t hurt and have a clear head… Read more »