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Keeping It Earth-Friendly

McElwain Bros. Paint & Collision Center is committed to doing everything we can to keep our planet a place future generations will thrive and grow.

While it’s true that auto collision repair can take its toll on the environment, a conscientious repair shop can find many ways to prioritize eco-conscious efforts. That’s why we’ve tried to use eco-friendly options whenever possible to minimize our footprint.
Here are a few of our top earth-friendly practices.

1. We Recycle.

We understand that minimizing our waste is the first step. But for the things we can’t live without using, we recycle everything we can. When it’s time to update electronic and computer equipment, we make sure to recycle the older items like monitors and terminals. We also recycle batteries, printer/toner cartridges, carpet, metal, fluorescent tubes, paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic. We even recycle oil!

2. We Minimize Chemical Exposure.

We understand that chemicals can impact the environment significantly, and it’s hard to run an auto body shop without chemicals. That’s why we use biodegradable cleaners whenever possible. We also clean up spills immediately to minimize environmental exposure through rainwater. When we store hazardous materials, we take extra precautions to limit environmental exposure.

3. We Use a Green Paint System.

When we say we use a green paint system, we don’t just mean the color. Volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, are typically released into the atmosphere when using solvent-based paints. Waterborne paint technology is a better option for the planet because it reduces VOC emissions.

Water-based paints still provide vibrant colors, meet OEM factory standards, and result in tough acrylic paint finishes that protect well.  Other advantages of green painting methods include:

  • Better air quality for the repair technicians and environment
  • Reduce hazardous waste amounts
  • Lower costs because no additives or hardeners are required

These practices are not only making auto body shops safer and healthier places to work, but also are protecting the world outside their walls as green practices become more widely accepted.