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Does detailing add to your car’s value?

Auto Detailing Restores & Protects

Weather and the sun’s UV rays cause your car’s paint to fade and dull.  In addition, your finish experiences scratches, oxidation (rust) and parking lot dings.  Wheels also get quite dirty. All these factors can lower your car’s resale value.  Here are a few steps that can help protect and restore your car’s exterior.

  • Wash and scrub the outside with a deep penetrating brush, including the wheels
  • Dry all surfaces with a soft, microfiber mitt
  • Gently polish out light scratches, oxidation & swirl marks
  • Wax the paint, usually with a high-quality, carnauba-based paste product
  • Methodically clean & then apply protective polish to rubber trim areas

Professional detailing products contain UV inhibitors that protect paint while extending its life.  When a car exterior’s finish is restored to its original condition, it’s not only eye-catching, but it also projects an image that the vehicle was well taken care of, inside and out.  In the end, that adds overall value to your car.